Society Should End the Culture of Violence

We have often indicated here and elsewhere in other fora the need for the world and society to be decisive in ensuring peace! For true peace, the culture of violence, we have argued before and still argue, must be tactfully but decisively ended! First, Violence is deadly, heinous, bloody and destructive! Secondly, humankind does not need violence at all anywhere! Violence offers no solutions to any society’s problems at all. It pays thus to use peace only as the only means to peace! Non-violent solutions to problems must be sought always!

The threat of violence, it appears, still remains real in modern society, judging from reports of many incidents thereof in many places. Some of the violence, as we all know is as a result of armed conflict. Most of it is erratic violence perpetrated by groups and individuals in many places. Since most of such violence is unanticipated and sudden, it causes so much agony. In our view, society anywhere is 100% able to ensure all such violence is averted!

Society should encourage people and groups to solve their problems in an honest, open manner. All people must be free, ready and willing to air any real or perceived grievances and complaints so that any thorny issues can be sorted out! People should not keep quiet and build resentments and animosities. We are all creatures of discourse and are able to listen to one another and build harmony, peace and friendship through tolerance. No one should be condemned for being frank, honest and open in as far as that helps iron out thorny issues.

Quite often, some of the violence is blamed on mental health issues. That of course means that all people with no exception should be encouraged to seek professional help whenever faced with any issues. Mental health should not be stigmatized as everyone, the low and the high, the powerful and the weak, young and old, are all vulnerable at one point in life or another. People must know that they have a natural right to seek professional help. No one should be condemned for seeking professional help. Even kings and queens and other leaders do that. All people must strive for good health. All stigma should be eliminated. That will go a long way in ensuring a healthy, peaceful populace and society!

Plots of violence, in our view, should always be reported. No one should be duped to keep quiet when some people are plotting any violence.

We have argued before that information, informal and formal education are key in empowering the people. When people are so empowered, they are less likely to engage in violence. Peace must always be built on true tolerance and understanding based on honesty and openness.

We urge all people to shun violence as they would plague. We all need peace. We must always strive for it. It must prevail and be seen to prevail always! It matters!

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