Kenya Airways is Still a Viable Venture

Report that Kenya Airways made a record loss during the last financial year have raised a lot of outcry from Kenyans and other people in Kenya. The airline is known to have kept making profits in the past when other airlines were making losses. That, as we know, was not accidental! It was under the able stewardship of Ole Naikuni and Kenya’s tourism sector was doing relatively well. The Kenya government seemed not to be intruding into the affairs of the airline that time.

As we all know, Ole Naikuni had proposals to restructure the airline, reform its operations and right-size the work force, something which was intended to enable the airline remain a profitable entity! Kenya’s Parliament jumped in and stopped the measures that were supposed to help the corporation remain afloat! It is no accident then that what has followed is loss-making under the current airline management!

Of course we all know that there are many factors that come into play in ensuring the profitability of any business entity! Management and human resources are always key! It is always people who can and do make a difference! Economic performance of the country and even the world economy have also an influence over the profitability of businesses. Passenger numbers and service quality and efficiency play a crucial role for any transportation entity! Service with honesty and a smile remains key!

We also know that due to insecurity challenges that have been facing Kenya of late, Kenya’s tourism sector has not been performing up to expectations, a factor that has hurt Kenya Airways, the hospitality industry and hence Kenya’s economy badly! However, there is hope, (great, tangible hope indeed!) that things are looking up! First, the recent visit to Kenya by the US president will definitely assure the world that Kenya is a safe destination for travellers, tourists, investors and business people. It is also a good destination for students and people who want to work in Kenya as expatriates. This is bound to help Kenya’s tourism and hospitality sectors and hence Kenya’s economy. It follows that Kenya Airways will still remain relevant in provision of its air travel services to the Kenyan and world clientele.

It is clear that things are headed the right way in Kenya. Insecurity will soon be a thing of the past. Kenya’s economy is bound to spring up and improve tremendously, creating opportunity and employment and achieving its development agenda. We all know that there is hope for sustainable peace in the country. Politicians are bound to play it sober so that they build peace and unity for development. We are always hopeful that all will work well. All this means that businesses, including Kenya Airways, will do well. That of course means that the quandary Kenya Airways finds itself in is not unique. It is because, we strongly believe, due to the prevailing security and economic climate in Kenya, a factor that is changing as we have stated above. The Airline must be supported to bounce back economically. It must be strengthened and be allowed to operate independently. The Kenya government should not intrude into the internal management affairs of the carrier except as allowed by the law. We wish the Airline management all the best in doing what is best for the carrier. We urge the Kenya government to inject any help it can muster. That indeed is what is best for Kenya and the region!

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