Kenya’s Education System Needs a Boost!

Education, as we know, is key to development! First, it makes individuals truly civilized by helping them build and strengthen their character! It instills in those who undergo it skills that enable them tackle the challenges of life! In short it empowers the people! By so doing, it reduces chances of such people to engage in injustices like hatred, discrimination, violence, exclusion, abuses, bullying and intolerance! In other words, it makes the world better! It strengthens peace and enhances it! Secondly, education is central in producing professionalism and expertise for all fields of the economy including academia, scientific research, medicine, engineering, technology, agriculture, the arts, etc. Education is indeed so important and so central to civilization that it is impossible to itemize all its benefits! Suffice it to say that it is vital for civilization!

Kenya’s education system has been facing some challenges just like any other in the rest of the world. However, of late another serious problem seems to be developing! There have been reported cases of arson in secondary schools! School children seem to be engaging in the kind of behaviour that is unexpected of learners. Cases of rapes and drug abuse have been reported too. Children have been reported to engage in some level of violence and destruction of school and public and private property! Some of the things mentioned are so ignominious and so shameful that we have deliberately chosen not to mention them.

As we have mentioned, education is key to development. That means that learners, students and pupils should take it seriously as they lay the foundation for their career future. That is why we urge them to desist from cases of abuse, bullying, violence, bullying and drug abuse. We urge them to respect themselves and also respect the dignity and rights of others! That will of course build peace and ensure it and that will ensure a conducive environment for learning! Secondly, they should instill in themselves strong character and sense of patriotism. That will of course enable them respect the rule of law and hence strive to be useful members of organized society! That will also enable them develop positive leadership skills and hence prepare adequately for leadership in the corporate and public sector later in their lives.

Kenya must let school children, students, pupils and other learners understudy adults and those in leadership so that they can take up leadership in due time. That is why we urge Kenyan leaders to be good role models for the young, the youth, students, pupils and other people in society! That is why we urge Kenyan leaders, especially politicians, to stop glorifying and engaging in corruption, violence, discrimination, tribalism and other malpractices. The leaders should help end the culture of corruption. They should end intolerance, tribalism and the culture of violence. There should be peace nationally and locally as well as in every homestead and neighbourhood. There should indeed be peace always in schools and colleges, in public places and private places. That way, the children will have a conducive environment for good character building, growth and development. That way children will not be exposed to bad influence. They will learn to be, and actually become, deliberate peace-makers. They will learn to be good citizens. They will respect themselves and others!

Things, as we know, never happen by accident. It takes time, effort and resources. Rome, as we know, was never built in a day! What then? Kenyan authorities, in our view, should dedicate more and better attention to the education sector. Schools need to be better built and equipped. Adequately trained teaching and non-teaching staff should be available in every school. The quality of learning and teaching should be adequately and appropriately monitored and measured. Students should be encouraged to engage in quality learning through honesty, good organization and hard and smart work. They should also be encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities. They should be ready and willing to learn good leadership skills and actually do that! They should be urged to be peace-makers and peace promoters!

We know that Kenya’s education sector is in able hands. The cabinet secretary in charge of education is a professor and highly qualified and fully able to reform and strengthen the education system and enhance quality and peace! The emerging culture of injustice, violence and abuse in schools should be urgently dealt with. School kids should be safe always while in school and at home. Parents and local leaders should ensure that peace prevails in every homestead for the benefit of the children and indeed all. National leaders should ensure national security, equatable development and peace everywhere in the country! They should, as a matter of priority, end the culture of corruption so that resources can be available to address cases of inequalities, disparities and underdevelopment. With zero corruption, there will be adequate resources to ensure sustainable development. That way Kenya will develop faster, better and more sustainably! That way jobs and opportunity will be created for the youth and others. That will help Kenya regain its full stability and true democracy! We urge the Kenyan leaders to ensure the rule of law. It is time lip-service to the law and the rule of law stopped. People must obey the law for real always. Corruption must be addressed for real! That will ensure a better, prosperous Kenya!

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