Kenya Should Deal With the Challenge of Insecurity Decisively!

We know that peace is always important for any society, community, peoples, individuals and nations! It is so important that society should never let it slip away even for a day! It is important that it be given every opportunity to take root and thrive in every place always! It is indeed important that all and sundry always create excuses for it to prevail! In cases of any conflict or ugly situations and contentious issues, the people, those involved and others indeed, should be ready and willing to use dialogue, diplomacy, negotiation and any pacific means to sort that out! Sobriety, vigilance, wisdom, care and discreetness in attitude, decision and action are always called for in matters allied to peace–indeed all matters are! Be that as it may, we believe, and rightly so, that any society, community or nation is 100% able to ensure sustainable non-violence and peace 100% of the time for 100% of the peace! That of course sounds like a gargantuan task (and it indeed is!) but it is both doable and achievable if there is a will to act judiciously always! However, we always recognize the fact that there are challenges to peace that require consistent action to ensure they are adequately dealt with to prevent prevalent and constant breaches to peace!

Insecurity in Kenya has been a tough challenge. Militants from Somalia have been attacking and killing Kenyans and causing a lot of despondency in the nation. Places which were known to be oases of peace and Kenyan hospitality have been hurt so badly that people there live in fear! Kenya’s Coastal strip, which is a masterpiece of world class hospitality industry and holiday resorts, has been affected so badly that tourist numbers have plummeted, affecting people’s jobs and the country’s economy! Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city that is also the regional economic and commercial hub, has also been affected. A mall in the city’s Westlands suburb was attacked about two years ago and tens of Kenyans and some foreigners slaughtered! Before that there were several attacks in bus-stops targeting Kenyans. In one attack, a grenade was hurled into a bar in downtown Nairobi. Several Christian churches have also been attacked in Mombasa and in North East Kenya. These bloody attacks have been a major concern to all Kenyans and the world. What we ask is: why are Christians being attacked? In Lamu District, attackers slaughtered males in the presence of their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. That male cleansing of Kenya’s upcountry people left Kenyans in shock. In some attacks in Mandera, the attackers asked their victims to recite from memory some verses from the Koran. Those who were unable to do that were shot to death one by one! Those who were able to do that were spared and released. There was also an attack recently in a university college in Garrissa where non-Muslim Kenyan students were massacred. These religious cleansing has caused a lot of mayhem and concern to Kenyans. There have been reports also of the attackers going to remote villages in North East Kenya and Lamu in Coast Province and forcing the villages to gather for senselessly long Islamic sermons. The villagers are then ordered never to reveal that to Kenya’s authorities and security forces. All these instances are indeed a threat to peace in Kenya.

It is important to note that corruption has been the main abettor and facilitator of insecurity in Kenya. Some people, according to observers, within Kenya’s security machinery are lured by greed and fall prey to monetary gain from bad individuals and hence such people become Juadaises in Kenya. Many Kenyan youths are also being lured by promises of a good life and hence they also become Judaises! That these things are happening is a matter of so much concern. Kenyan authorities should do all they can to end the culture of corruption, create employment and opportunity for the youth and open up marginalized areas to modern development!

There is hope, however, as it appears that things are looking up since the recent visit by the US president to Kenya. Cases of attacks have dramatically reduced, giving hope to Kenyans. The Kenyan security forces have been reported to be acting proactively and nipping plots of attacks in the bud. That proactive approach is commendable and should continue. Prevention measures should also be effected. The culture of corruption should be decisively dealt with and ended! The people should remain vigilant always. They should always obey the law willingly and on principle. Kenyan authorities should always act prudently to give people tangible hope, empower them equitably and create opportunity for the meriting! They should also decisively reorganize and re-oriantate their development agenda so that there is truly sustainable infrastructural and economic development in every place in Kenya. The country has, we believe, more than enough resources for capital investment and development if the culture of corruption is ended!

Peace in Kenya and anywhere else is important! It is important for all people and for development!  Of late, insecurity has been a tough challenge to the Kenyan authorities! However, there are signs that things are getting better and the situation is improving. Kenyan authorities, it appears, are acting proactively! We urge them to enhance that and continue. However, the culture of corruption still remains a challenge. To all intents and purposes, corruption seems to be the root cause of Kenya’s problems in its development and governance agenda! If corruption is ended, Kenya will end its insecurity and other problems and steer its development agenda to greater heights which will ensure Kenya’s rise to first world status before long! That all depends on how honestly Kenya’s authorities act! Most importantly, it will depend on the kind of leaders Kenyans elect in every election period! That, in a nutshell,  is what it will take to make Kenya great! It is indeed peace that spurs nations into greatness. It is indeed the true rule of law, hence zero corruption, that gives nations the muscle, stamina and strength to progress invincibly! Peace matters!


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