True Peace Does Make A World of Positive Difference!

We have always indicated and passionately argued that peace matters for society, the people as individuals and collectively, and for the world! Reasons for that are always obvious and self-explanatory! The sad reality is that many people, including some of those enjoying the reigns of authority and power, never see it that way! This scenario, which is the core reason for so much violence, controversy and injustice in many places in the world is a matter of concern that should be addressed if all people in the world have to enjoy peace in its true form and in true perpetual continuity!

We all know that war, armed conflict and violence are major killers of humans. They also destroy civilization and take societies and the world backwards! They drive economies backwards into retrogression, a situation that robs communities and the people of opportunities, employment and hope! They impoverish the people and societies! Those who survive their deadliness remain maimed physically and emotionally as well as traumatized psychologically and mentally! War and violence are indeed major causes of psychiatric disorders and mental illness in survivors and their dependents and connections! The effects of both war and violence remain for eons after such violence and war end! The effects continue taking their toll even long beyond the survivors’ generations!  We know that war and violence kill directly! They also maim! They destroy! They displace people! For instance, we know that the conflict in Syria has led to a refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East! The chaos and turmoil in Somalia has led to a refugee crisis in Kenya which hosts the world’s largest refugee camp a factor that threatens the security and peace of the country. Many more people are internally displaced in Syria and Somali where they live as internally displaced persons in insecure locations. The conflict in South Sudan, the world’s youngest democracy, has killed thousands of people and led to a refugee crisis in Kenya. Many more people are internally displaced in South Sudan. The conflict in the Darfur has also been a matter of international concern and has a case pending before the ICC. The Central African Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and the Ukraine are also facing major insecurity and violence issues that are a matter of concern to lovers of peace  and the safety of humans! As far as we call for an end of hostilities and the culture of violence, we also call on the world governments to act decisively to ensure the safety of all law-abiding people in the interest of peace, human civilization and progress!

All functioning governments, which legally enjoy the monopoly of force, can end the culture of injustice and violence if they have the will to do so! First, every functioning government is mandated to abide by the charter of United Nations and indeed by all treaties that ensure peace prevails internationally and international law norms and protocols are followed to resolve any international conflicts! All nations, which are considered equal in sovereignty, have a responsibility to use diplomacy and international law norms, procedures and mechanisms in dealing with any issues of international concern. Secondly, every sovereign nation is mandated to ensure rule of law within its jurisdiction. Every country, small or big, weak or strong, has a responsibility to enforce its domestic laws fairly and justly and ensure protection of minority groups, including indigenous peoples, as well as majorities. Governments should use their monopoly to force with restraint and only in ensuring protection of human life and property and in ensuring peace and the greater good of society! Evey functioning government is mandated to prevent violence, discrimination, genocides, ethnic cleansing, internal rebellion and tactical exclusion on the basis of ethnicity or racial origin by applying the law fairly and justly!  All governments have a duty and responsibility to ensure foolproof protection of children, the weak, the voiceless, the aged, the disabled, the vulnerable and other disadvantaged groups. Every government indeed has a duty to ensure end to all marginalization of any ethnic/racial group, gender, religion, faith, age-group, minorities, or even any weak majority! Power, authority and the monopoly of use of force should be used prudently for the good of society and the protection of the dignity, rights and freedom of individuals. No force should be used to prop impunity, tyranny, corruption and injustice! Every government must be guided by the rule of law in the local arena and by the international law norms in the international matters!

How about the citizenry? In our view, all people should support all democratically elected governments as a matter of civic duty and obligation! They should ensure the rule of law prevails by willingly obeying domestic laws, statutes, ordinances and bylaws and by putting pressure on their governments to have all bad laws repealed! The people should not resort to any form of violence but should use the law, peaceful dialogue, diplomacy and negotiation to resolve any conflicts involving individuals, communities, groups, etc. No room should be given to violence!

When governments fail to ensure democratic practices and the rule of law, they endanger their stability, legitimacy and tenure as well as endangering people’s lives, peace, societal stability and progress! That is why we urge the people to support their governments and ensure that they are strong enough to ensure rule of law, democracy and peace! In cases where those in power and authority are involved in the crime of corruption, abuse, violence, discrimination, abuse of power, tyranny and exclusion or any other, such people must be held politically accountable, for instance they can be recalled, and legally responsible i.e. they should be prosecuted in courts of law. The people or such individuals should not resort to any form of violence whatsoever! Democracy is no fear! It instills no fear! It never practises tyranny!  It is always founded on good laws.

How about the law? There are laws in many jurisdictions that allow and protect use of force even in cases where such use of force is both illegal and centred on hatred, prejudice and discrimination. Such laws, in our view, are unjust and should be repealed! Such laws are indeed dangerous as they can and do lead to turmoil, violence and loss of innocent human lives and destruction of property! All laws, in our view, should be fair and just and they should also be enforced fairly and justly! Honesty should be at the core and centre of all law enforcement! Courts of law should not fall prey to corruption, intimidation and manipulation! They should be truly independent, fair, just and impartial! Judges and magistrates should enjoy immunity from victimization due to the rulings and verdicts they give in court unless there is evidence that such rulings and verdicts were influenced/manipulated by corruption, prejudice, hatred or cronyism! Even then, such a case should be dealt with within the realm of the rule of law. Violence should not be used anywhere!

We all need peace! We all want it! We want it to prevail everywhere always! We all have a right to it! That is why we urge all governments and all people everywhere to give every iota of opportunity to peace to take root and thrive everywhere! We should all create excuses for peace! It is said that peace comes from within. That is true! Most importantly, however, true peace is influenced by factors from without! That is why we all need an environment conducive to true peace! That is why we need no violence! That is why we need good laws! That is why we want the rule of law and democracy to prevail always! That is why all people should practise tolerance and build goodwill, understanding and friendship always! We should all extend a hand of peace and friendship to every Tom, Dick and Harry! Governing authorities should adhere to the international law norms in dealing with any international conflicts! Domestically, they should always ensure rule of law, democracy, peace, respect to human rights, justice and prudent use of their monopoly to the use of force! Peace should prevail everywhere and be seen to so prevail! That way all people will enjoy life always!  It should prevail aways as a matter of both priority and absolute necessity! That way humanitarian crises will be a thing of the past!

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