The Power of Creativity, New Ideas and Effective Leadership!

Throughout history, ideas have been changing the world, transforming society and civilization and improving human welfare in many ways!  Negative ideas move society backwards. In this article we will dwell on positive ideas as part and parcel of leadership as a major pillar of development! Good leaders are said to be visionary and adaptive and hence are never short of new ideas that drive society forward! Ideas have power! They have power for change! That is, if good ideas are put into prudent action, they have the potential of transforming society! Such potential, when put into action has positive effects on society and the people! In a nutshell, this article is centred on ideas as a pillar of development. Ideas, we must always note, come from both leaders and ordinary citizens.

Many people think of an idea. When they reconsider it, they think it is unworkable or useless. Later they learn that someone else has used a similar idea and it has achieved something of immense use for humanity! Many other people think of something, they come up with what is truly brilliant ideas and when they mention them to others, the reaction they receive pushes them to abandon the ideas. Such ideas end up being used by someone else in some other place to achieve something greater! The truth is that as humans, we have a tendency of trashing or sitting on brilliant ideas that have great potential for the good of society! Many people pour cold water on new ideas and creativity as such ideas tend to challenge the prevailing state of things or what is commonly called the status quo! Many leaders dismiss ideas advanced by those they lead as dumb, unworkable, impractical, unsustainable or costly only for such ideas to be used elsewhere! Idea phobia is thus unwise. Creativity phobia is equally dangerous. The irony of it all is that people generally appeal to authority (e.g. expertise, the law, policies, rules, etc.), prevailing norms and practices, the status quo(i.e. we have to do things the way we have already done them here, this is the way we do things here and not that way, etc.), popularity (e.g. everyone knows that cannot work here, etc.), ignorance or lack of precedent(e.g. no one has tried that and proved that it is workable, cost(we have no budget for that and we cannot take a risk, etc), threats (e.g. we did not employ you to do things your way, etc. ), etc., to resist creativity and oppose new ideas or they simply scoff at every new idea and mock whoever comes up with it. That is where effective leadership comes in. Creative leadership will always know the power, relevance and value of creativity and new ideas and hence develop strategies and policies that will encourage and protect and promote creativity and development and implementation of  new ideas. That is why many organisations have R & D departments that are proactive, vibrant and dynamic in developing innovations, methods, standards, inventions, processes, procedures, etc., and ensure proper patenting and implementation.

Creative thinking is a great asset in today’s world! New ideas are much greater in value than gold. They are the gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones of modernity! They are priceless. It is indeed ideas that move the world!

It is ideas that can sustain development! It is always good ideas that sustain the good things we enjoy including good leadership, peace, democracy, rule of law, societal systems, technological advancements, advancements in science, good medical care, energy production, transmission, distribution and utilization, goad roads and infrastructures, faster transportation in the air, on land and   water masses, under the sea and subterranean, advancement in modern communication, information flow, sharing and exchange, etc. It is ideas that build civilization. Innovation revolves around creativity and generation of new ideas. Ideas do have power for progress and advancement.

Effective leadership is built on and revolves on ingenuity, wisdom, production, generation, prudent filtration and use of new ideas. Good leaders are able to know bad ideas and filter them out as noise. They encourage creativity and generation and production of new ideas. They never feel insecure. They are always comfortable with free flow of information, information and idea sharing and exchange and prudent use of ideas in advancing the good of society. They never lean on the comfort zone of the status quo as they know that any society that does not change continually speeds into oblivion in a dystopia of sorts.

Why have we chosen to talk about creativity and new ideas as a peace promotion strategy? This question and many others should provoke fresh thinking, discussions and new thinking. Why do ideas matter? We all need to look no further than where we are to harness the powers and reservoir of creativity and new ideas. We only need creative leadership to tap into such immensity and bounty of wealth in the form of new ideas that people can come up with. Creativity and generation of new ideas will continue gaining in importance. That is why we can never look away if we have to keep advancing civilization. Creativity, like leadership and the people, is a key pillar of development. It is great for peace and progress.

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