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We know that peace is always important for modern society! There have been many challenges facing it from time to time! Violence, it is known, has been a major problem the world over! Other injustices like discrimination, hatred, prejudice, exclusion, invidious discrimination, impunity, corruption, etc., all tend to endanger peace, human life and welfare and progress! Modern humanity, we believe and argue, has resources, ways, means, know-how, knowledge, acumen, skills, ability and capacity to end the culture of injustice and ensure true peace and progress!

We live in a world where any nation or group can declare hostility and start waging war against another nation or indeed internally against its own people despite the existence of international law and domestic law norms and expectations. That this scenario tends to rear its ugly head from time to time is a matter of concern and modern society through the UN and recognized governments should work tireless to discourage and prevent it!  Mushrooming of groups that fight traditional society as we know it is another complication that needs to be tackled! Undemocratic practices, autocracy, tyranny and oppressive laws have the danger of leading to uprisings that may lead to chaos, killings and genocides! That all functioning governments have a responsibility to prevent genocides puts such burden, responsibility and duty in the hands of the governments of the day in respective countries. Good laws and democratic practices as well as respect to human rights can go a long way in ensuring sustainable normalcy, rule of law and hence prevention of massacres and genocides.


Locally in many countries and jurisdictions communities, individuals and groups may get into conflicts that may spiral into violence if they are not resolved both peacefully and amicably! Individuals, groups and even communities may take the law into their own hands and wreak violence on each other! That is why modern society needs strong governments, the kind of governments that are always in control! Governments that are always in control and govern both fairly and justly are most likely to prevent any form of violence, genocides, ethnic cleansing, massacres, killings, discrimination and other injustice! Education serves as a key ingredient of empowerment!  Educated people, communities and groups are highly unlikely to engage in discrimination and acts of violence, hatred, intolerance,  prejudice or any other injustices! Education, both formal and informal, helps build bridges and bonds of peace, harmony, understanding and friendship! That is why empowerment matters!

This blog site is centred on peace advocacy through modern technology and traditional means!

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