Core Pillar of Development!

People are the most important resource of any community, society or nation! They are the most important part of the world! In fact it is people who make up families, homesteads, communities, societies and nations and hence the world! If people are removed from any of such settings, then what remains is just desolation! Desolation may have other forms of life but without humanity, it is just waste, pure waste! It is humans and their assertive, sustainable presence that give society, communities, nations and indeed the world their true meaning, value, essence and worth! Humans are so important that modern society should do all within its power to ensure that they do not go extinct in the near or far future! Societal and world practices should be such that they enhance human survival and welfare! To this existent, every human life matters! Every living person, young or old, male or female, matters! In our view, people, humans, are the most important part of the world! They make up the world! They are the most important resource for development! There may be many other resources and factors for development but in this article we will briefly highlight humanity in their capacity is the core pillar of development! In other articles that will come up later, we will also look at other factors that we consider to be essential for development!

Human beings are unique in many ways! First, they are created in the image of the Creator! Secondly, they have a brain that thinks and works in amazing but mysterious ways in comparison to other animals! The human brain is capable of immensity of accomplishment! It is behind inventions and innovations that have transformed the world! From the time people gathered the courage to think clearly out of the box and challenge the status quo, many breakthroughs have been achieved in medicine, science, engineering, technology, the arts,  economic governance, politics,  scientific research and exploration, transportation, communication, etc.  There have been revolutions in transportation, manufacturing, technology, agriculture, building and construction, scientific and medical research, etc. The concept of thinking outside the box and challenging the popular  ‘group think’  bottleneck has been a driving force for major advancement in society! Modern humanity has been able to make advances in the fight against disease! Even when it comes to the ailments like cancer and other diseases that currently have no cure or vaccine, it is just a matter of time for humanity to come up with remedies! We know that it is not easy to deal with some tough challenges! However, humans are so uniquely gifted that they will keep coming up with major breakthroughs in dealing with them!

People can build or destroy! For true development, the people should choose to build what is good, beneficial and non-dangerous! People enact laws through legislative bodies! For a fair and just society, members of legislative bodies, who are normally elected representatives of the people should enact fair and just laws! Bad laws like those which protect impunity, violence, injustice, slavery, servitude, discrimination, hatred, prejudice, exclusion, etc., should be repealed so that danger thereof is averted! We all know that people, as the core pillar of development, do enact laws!

People in the modern world live in communities, societies and nations in a world that is organized! It is  people who build strong societies!  It is indeed the people who build strong systems, robust institutions and impeccable checks and balances! People build strong education systems to serve the young and adults alike, robust health systems to cater for the health needs of the populace, strong, fair and just legal systems, and independent, impartial justice systems to dispense justice! It is the people who build food production systems and markets for goods and services! They may work on their farms to produce food crops or may run some kind of systems that effects that through some mechanisms, agencies and technologies! Without people, society sinks, literally! The people must be empowered appropriately to take charge of their affairs so that they can build strong societies and run strong governments for a better world!

In as  far as we say that the people should be empowered to take charge, we know that it is actually the people who can take initiative to ensure that that takes place? How? That indeed is the crux of the matter! That is where the people must assert their resourcefulness, their ingenuity, their intellect, their thoughtfulness and, chiefly, their universal human rights, dignity and freedom and do something positive for themselves and society! How? That too is the crux of the matter! Should they think out of the box, challenge the status quo, or just swim with the current? The people are unique. They are 100% able to exercise good judgement! They should not rush into things just to be seen to be different! They know what is important! They know that peace is vital! They know that good order matters! They too know that democracy and governing authorities matter! That means whatever they do should not put all that matters in jeopardy but should enhance and strengthen it! Whatever makes society better, safer, more peaceful, more advanced, more developed, more secure, trouble-free, more prosperous, just, fairer, etc., they should go for!  In a nutshell, the people, including leaders and citizens alike, should always exercise their good judgment always and make sound decisions and judicious choices!

For a strong society, the people know that their freedom and the freedom of others matter! The people must thus protect their freedom, their dignity and their universal human rights (i.e. inherent right) and those of others with dignity and honour i.e. non-violently, peacefully and through hard and smart work! It is through this approach that sustainable development can be built and realized!

For a strong society people need opportunity to acquire knowledge and formal education through formal schooling! They also need opportunity in commensurate employment and jobs! The children need good care and sound upbringing so that they can make a strong society in future generations! Adults, including leaders, as we have mentioned before elsewhere, should serve as good role models for the young. They should allow younger generations to understudy them so that they can ensure continuity of leadership, systems and institutions later for the sake of continuity of humanity and organized society!

One factor we need to mention that is truly controversial is the culture of exclusion and divisiveness. Exclusion has been, and still is, extremely questionable and controversial! Exclusion which tends to be the right arm, instrument and tool of discrimination and prejudice seems to be a tactical measure meant to ensure systematic marginalization of certain individuals, families, communities and sections of society! While those who practise it seem to be glad that it creates exclusive opportunities and avenues for them, it must be realized that it dampens hopes of the victims and shatters lives. It causes discontent, resentment and bitterness that no coercion or remedy can annul! It must be realized that the danger and damage of exclusion is real. Not that it can lead to violence and rebellion, although it may! Nay! The real danger is that human lives are affected. Many are driven into poverty and hopelessness despite their potential, talent and merit! That should not be allowed to continue! There is evidence that exclusion is prevalent in many societies, communities and nations! It often thrives on tricks and trickery and whenever and wherever it is being practised, it is done in the guise, for instance, of exorbitant fees for school fees, or conditions that are impossible for certain people to meet! For instance, a lucrative job that a candidate from community “A” qualifies for may require that such a candidate speaks a particular language although such a language is never used in that particular job location or within the organization advertising the job.  Such a condition may be intended to exclude certain people who are known to be unable to meet the condition! There are many such tactics that may be in the bag of the tricks of exclusion. May it suffice to say that we urge modern society everywhere to do away with all manner of exclusion, prejudice and discrimination!

One more thing we need to mention is that all people have a right to co-exist in the world. That is why modern humanity should deliberately and consistently practise assertive tolerance and understanding! Above all, we urge all people, including leaders, to treat every person with dignity and respect the universal human rights and freedom of every Tom, Dick and Harry of humanity!

People are important! They are society! They are communities! They are the world! They do matter collectively as humanity and as distinct individuals! It is people who are the main actors and players in society and the world. It is the people are leaders. It is them who are the citizens. It is them who elect leaders! It is them who stand for leadership! It is indeed them who build society! They can destroy society too! However, we urge all people to build societies, strong societies! It is time for peace! It is time to do away with all injustice! It is time to end the culture of hatred, injustice and violence! We should always bear in mind that every person matters! People matter! Human life matters! That is why peace matters! That indeed is why development, empowerment and opportunity matter! People are the main pillar of development! They are also the main pillar of peace! That is why all that we do and engage in as organized society should revolve around people! That is why peace remains and will ever remain the core and centre of all that matters, including religion, society, development, progress,  systems and institutions!



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