How Smart Are We As Modern Society?

Peace, in our view, is the modern way of life! It should thus be the centre and core of the law, culture, customs, norms, practices and lifestyles!  It should be the basis and focus of all systems, institutions and organizational structures of any governmental and non-governmental entities, corporate bodies, groups, communities, societies, nations and the world! All people should always be aware of its importance and make it a top priority always! We should note that modern times, as we have always argued, are an era that clearly favours peace in every way! In the past, people used to sort out their differences through violence, bloody duels, deadly  tugs-of-war, physical fights, tricks, etc., and by driving their communities and nations into waging wars  against their perceived or real enemies! Violence was the way of life! People of other communities, races, tribes and nationalities were considered enemies even if there was sure evidence to the contrary! Assumptions and suspicions carried the day! Dishonest accusations always carried the day! People schemed unitedly against those they considered different and targeted them for bullying, persecution, torture, harassment, false accusations and abuse! Violence was the default method of instilling sense and discipline! Laws, cultures and customs were applied subjectively, unjustly and unfairly! Children, women and men who were viewed with suspicion were the target of injustice, torture, discrimination, abuse, violence and exclusion! They were even killed after being subjected to excruciating torture often in the form of mob justice! The sick and disabled, rather than being protected, were ‘punished’ for being sick/disabled! Many communities considered the disabled a bad omen, a curse and taboo and hence killed them or threw them into the wild or simply abandoned them as outcasts! The law of the jungle seemed to carry the day even in communities and places where there was some kind of legal systems and courts! Killing of human beings was the norm. People would resort to killings at the most implausible and slightest form of excuse! Use of force by the strong was the norm! Sadly, many communities still practise some of these barbaric injustices today! For instance, there are places where any woman who is accused of adultery is stoned to death! In many places in society, people still bully, harass and torture the sick, the disabled and the disadvantaged.

As people became more and more civilized, those considered weaker, started resisting and defying oppressive systems and practices. Of course we know what history talks about revolutions across the world! Legal systems started taking root although bad laws were still being used selectively against the weak and in favour of those who were considered favourites of the unjust systems! In the modern world, we still have bad laws in some legal jurisdictions. However, most of modern democracies have tried to reform the systems to reflect modernity! They have tried to enact strong laws that protect children, women, men, the aged, the disabled, the weak, the vulnerable, the voiceless and sojourners!  Today, people can travel freely in most places in the world without being subjected to any form of injustice! However, danger to peace seems to have taken another angle which requires the ingenuity, wisdom, foresight, vision, vigilance, prudence, resourcefulness and resiliency of modern humanity to deal with! The ever evolving nature of technology, the advancement of communication, use of the Internet and globalization of the modern world complicates matters for modern humanity! The fact that people can communicate face to face, through text messaging, social media, cellular platforms, myriads of computer/celluar based platforms, etc., is a big plus for peace and the good of society! Looking at it another way, such advancement in communication and human interactions does pose a major headache to modern society in cases where evil plots may be afoot! However, the fact that modern communication is dominantly digital means that it is far easier for modern society to deal with any such challenges relative to the era of analogue communication!

A question to ask today is: how smart are we as modern society? Have we moved away from past injustices? Are we able to deal with modern challenges without wreaking violence and perpetrating injustice against others?

We of course know of instances where people strongly argue that those with certain ailments should be treated differently from other members of society as they are seen as a danger to society! We know modern society has mechanisms to ensure every person enjoys good health. We also know that all people, including leaders, the ignorant, the highly educated, women, men, cops, ordinary citizens..any person, irrespective of status in life, is vulnerable to any such illness. The only problem is that there is a double standard applied! We know that disease is an enemy of mankind! That is why we should all be smart enough to give priority to humanity, good health and peace, factors that affect the environment we live in! Should the sick be subjected to discrimination and exclusion? How smart are we today?

We also know that some communities, peoples and nations in various places in the world still treat people of other communities, races, tribes and nations as enemies and treat them differently! Some sections of modern religion, we also know, has in some way become a breeding ground for hate cartels, hate, injustice and evil! Religion, we are aware, is built on faith in God, peace, morality and love for humankind! Why do some religions in modern society still breed, preach and propagate hate? How smart are we as society?

In many places in the world, many forms of discrimination still thrive! Children are in most cases vulnerable! While many countries have enacted laws that ensure social justice, protection of vulnerable groups as children, the disabled, women, the weak, marginalized communities and the voiceless, still injustice, discrimination and abuses reign supreme! Many modern democracies have enacted strong laws that are meant to ensure equity, equitable empowerment, democracy, rule of law, justice and respect to human rights but in some of such places, corruption reigns supreme, impoverishing many! Injustice and human rights violations and undemocratic practices are still openly practised and condoned! How smart are we as modern society?

We can go on and on to argue for peace, justice and the rule of law! We all know that there is every reason, every excuse and indeed every basis for modern society to ensure that every living human being is adequately protected and never subjected to injustice, hate, discrimination and exclusion or indeed any other injustice! Modern society is clearly able to ensure respect to universal human rights, human dignity and freedom! There must thus be the will to practically and consistently do that! All people have also an obligation to make respect to universal human rights a practical reality always! We all need peace! We want it always! That is why we must create a conducive environment for it! That is why we must protect the weak and vulnerable, men, women, children…every person..always! That is why every person in society anywhere should be empowered and afforded an opportunity to achieve his/her dreams! That is why we should all strive to make society and the world better in every way!

We all share one world! We all have a right to co-exist in peace and harmony in the world! We thus need to practise tolerance and enhance understanding, peace and friendship! We must make society smart, better! We must end the reign of hate, injustice and discrimination! Violence should be buried for ever! We must enhance the culture of non-violence and peace! How smart are we as society?

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